1. the lower or posterior opening of the alimentary canal (asshole)
While performing 69 action, my nose brushed against her balloon knot.
by DNUTZ October 29, 2004
A term used to describe the asshole.
Inquiry: How was it?
Response: Great, she got the stinky-pinky right in her BALLOON KNOT.
by Lance Hardcastle October 20, 2003
a very visual description of a cat's asshole.
"your cat can sit on my lap, but he better have a clean balloon knot"
by L-sos November 13, 2007
fart pipe, leather cheerio, meat doughnut
after licking it for a minute, i stuck my finger in her balloon knot.
by King Eggroll FHC June 24, 2005
The puckering effect on or appearance of the skin of the anal opening caused by the anal sphincter which is a ring of muscles at the opening that keeps the anus closed as stool collects in the rectum.
Hey, don't forget to clean your balloon knot.
by mistergee August 24, 2006
the look of the anus
After I tickled Jessica's balloon knot for a little while I butt fucked her so hard she'd leak when she farts
by Frank Grimes May 29, 2005
Anus, Browneye, Cornhole, Dirty Spider,
Turd Cutter.
Yo, I busted out her balloon knot last night Dog.
by KELSY January 08, 2004
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