That delicious part of a womans body that is the most ignored. While spreading her butt cheeks, you apply your nose to her anus and slowly inhale the scent of her bunghole and enjoy the aroma and begin to lick and suck the taste right out of her turdcutter. Once her gumhole is ready, you might get to cornhole her and bust a gooey nut deep in her tailpipe.
Madge was horned up, I licked her pussy and asshole clean and she was ready. I lubed up and penetrated her bunghole. Her turdcutter was tight, squeezing my cock. I busted the biggest nut I ever had deep in her balloon knot.
by The King Cornholer April 02, 2008
blow up a balloon, pop it, turn it inside out around the knot and stretch it, looks amazingly like the anal sphincter.......yum yum
show me your balloon knot
by plumit April 30, 2009
Tight puckered skin around the anus designed to stop shit from falling out your ass!
'yo bitch, you better stop that balloon knot squeekin if you wanna dry bummin'
by Marky MNM January 11, 2008
Comical term for ones anus. Other known alias's/AKA's: tar star, mahogany knot, harvest moon, whale eye, rusty sheriff's badge.
Peggy Sue's balloon knot was well manicured and smelled like fresh ground coffee...
by Samhain_Knight October 20, 2004
Ones anus or sphincta also known as Chocolate Starfish.
Anyone with a tight arse
by GBert December 05, 2003
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