To apply cocaine to ones Vagina.
I think she's ballin, because there's some white powder on her crotch, and she going crazy!
by Caucasiophonics October 27, 2011
Tripping out. Derived from Trippin' nuts, which lead to trippin' balls which lead to ballin'.
You ballin' son?
by NominNominNominNomin January 06, 2011
to be extremely skillful at the American game basketball
wow jacob even though he's white is ballin
by jpmason12 March 17, 2010
Ballin' is a french basket-ball radio show broadcasted since 2007 on the website
"You are on Ballin' so you have to stay connected and to listen to everything made around basket-ball." Kadour ZIANI, Slam Nation
by Rina Anthony December 09, 2009
an adjective which means your fly. No one can disrespect you if your ballin.
"Kianna is ballin."
"Cause shes fly, so give some respect."
by fly-balla August 16, 2009
The act of being fly.
Yo did you see that fly ass car? Hells yeah, that guy was ballin!
by DJ Jazzy G August 12, 2009
the act of being fly
John: "That guy is really cool"
Jeff: "yeah...he's ballin."
John: "whatever"
by Phil Willario November 02, 2008

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