getting a beer and sandwich delivered to you in an airport
That cheese was ballin
by skiddlywiddly May 30, 2009
act of having lots of money & being fly while having lots of money
"yo that one girl gen is straight ballin!"
by genesis lopez November 23, 2008
the act of being fly
John: "That guy is really cool"
Jeff: "yeah...he's ballin."
John: "whatever"
by Phil Willario November 02, 2008
the gunz show is the definiton of ballin
just listen to the gunz show and you realize it is the most ballin shit you ever heard!! Ballin
by adrian miller April 30, 2008
To apply cocaine to ones Vagina.
I think she's ballin, because there's some white powder on her crotch, and she going crazy!
by Caucasiophonics October 27, 2011
To play with ones balls or to play with someone else's balls. To diddle with someone's balls.

Can also be used to so others think you did something cool when really you were home alone playing with your balls.
co-worker 1: What did you do last night?

Co-worker 2: I was ballin'. (looking at porn)

Co-worker 1: (I wish I was as cool as co-corker 2)
by Something other than Ballin' September 30, 2011
Tripping out. Derived from Trippin' nuts, which lead to trippin' balls which lead to ballin'.
You ballin' son?
by NominNominNominNomin January 06, 2011

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