The act of being fly
That guy is ballin! he has all the ladies
by Keata October 07, 2007
something that is cool, or, living in extreme wealth.
(lyrics to a popular song in which i cant remember the name of) we stay fly, no lie, you know this, BALLIN!!!!
by latina fosho June 26, 2007
to go out; party; have fun
Hey man, you ballin tonight?
by magnum12345 April 12, 2013
doing something great, something spectacular at your house, job, or any social activities with friends; doing very well or better than others at any sporting activity, like basketball, football, golf, tennis, baseball, volleyball, ping pong, pool, etc.; being awesome
The point guard is straight ballin. Dude is ballin outta control today. I can't believe he did that, that's ballin.
by mclovin_shane January 13, 2012
Being absolutely freaking awesome.
Anna got a new job and will be ballin from now on.
by papanash August 16, 2011
Ballin' is a french basket-ball radio show broadcasted since 2007 on the website
"You are on Ballin' so you have to stay connected and to listen to everything made around basket-ball." Kadour ZIANI, Slam Nation
by Rina Anthony December 09, 2009
an adjective which means your fly. No one can disrespect you if your ballin.
"Kianna is ballin."
"Cause shes fly, so give some respect."
by fly-balla August 16, 2009

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