V. "To Ball" -To flagrantly display one's opulence.
"What's up with that guy in a white silk suit smoking a Cuban with Miley Cyrus on his lap?"
"He's ballin'."
by lackluster May 13, 2013
Driving aimlessly late at night just chillin listenin to music hoping to get pulled over because you know your not doing anything wrong so when you get pulled over you get the rush but dont get a ticket.
Yo chubbs lets go ballin.
by burn2227 April 25, 2011
1) describes a person who plays basketball
2) rolling in the big bucks
3) pretty fricken awesome
"aw yeah, he's so ballin', did you see that half-court shot at the buzzer?!"

"yeah, i'm ballin' after i won the lottery"

"dude, epic wipeout!" "yeah, that was so ballin'"
by hammit January 04, 2010
something that is cool, or, living in extreme wealth.
(lyrics to a popular song in which i cant remember the name of) we stay fly, no lie, you know this, BALLIN!!!!
by latina fosho June 26, 2007
doing something great, something spectacular at your house, job, or any social activities with friends; doing very well or better than others at any sporting activity, like basketball, football, golf, tennis, baseball, volleyball, ping pong, pool, etc.; being awesome
The point guard is straight ballin. Dude is ballin outta control today. I can't believe he did that, that's ballin.
by mclovin_shane January 13, 2012
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