the act of being FLY!
those kicks(shoes)are ballin.
by paannnggg February 28, 2008
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1) The Act Of Being Fly.

2) Slang; Used To Describe Someone Or Something That Is Cool, Awesome, Or Amazing.

3) Aaron and Kayla
Aaron: People are jealous of us.

Kayla: And Why it that?

Aaron: Well, I guess because we are totally ballin'!
by JoshuaAaron June 17, 2008
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Overused word from an overrated song.

(From the song, "We Fly High" by Jim Jones.)

Mostly used on MySpace to act like they're the coolest wangstas in the world.
"Dude, do you like my new display name? BAAAALLLLiiiiNNNN."

"Don't you mean ballin?"
by Alejandra Villa December 23, 2006
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the only adjective used by teenage boys these days.
it can mean one of the following:

1. To ball. As in to actually play basketball

2. An adjective. Its impossible for guys to think of anything beyond the point of "good, bad, and ballin"
1. "Yo man, lets go ballin!!"

2. Dude, that is so ballin.

by taraaa October 03, 2007
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ballin is a slang term
used to replace the term
"that's ballin as shit!"
by Courtiney July 10, 2008
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me and my boys were ballin in an all black escalade on 22's last night.
by nickyp August 11, 2006
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1. used to describe a state of financial well being, which is usually accompanied by a haughty display thereof.
2. possessing exemplary athletic ability, especially in the sport of basketball.
1. That guy is so ballin. He gets moneyyyyyy.
2. Wow, Michael Jordan was ballin' before he shot himself in all of his joints.
by xMx November 06, 2007
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