the act of being fly
joe: yo kyle, you ballin?

kyle: yea homie.
by sarahhhxoxo16 December 08, 2008
1) The Act Of Being Fly.

2) Slang; Used To Describe Someone Or Something That Is Cool, Awesome, Or Amazing.

3) Aaron and Kayla
Aaron: People are jealous of us.

Kayla: And Why it that?

Aaron: Well, I guess because we are totally ballin'!
by JoshuaAaron June 17, 2008
the only adjective used by teenage boys these days.
it can mean one of the following:

1. To ball. As in to actually play basketball

2. An adjective. Its impossible for guys to think of anything beyond the point of "good, bad, and ballin"
1. "Yo man, lets go ballin!!"

2. Dude, that is so ballin.

by taraaa October 03, 2007
ballin is a slang term
used to replace the term
"that's ballin as shit!"
by Courtiney July 10, 2008
1. used to describe a state of financial well being, which is usually accompanied by a haughty display thereof.
2. possessing exemplary athletic ability, especially in the sport of basketball.
1. That guy is so ballin. He gets moneyyyyyy.
2. Wow, Michael Jordan was ballin' before he shot himself in all of his joints.
by xMx November 06, 2007
Doin' at least 10-15 miles over the speed limit
"You got from San Diego to L.A. in an hour and a half?! You must have been ballin!!"
by freakie June 26, 2009
1.) You've got bad ass game on the basketball court

2.) Making money

The source of 1. is obvious; 2. come from selling rock or crack cocaine. You start making good money when your dealing with balls (8-ball) and up, which is a half a quarter ounce, or 3.5 grams. A half a b (1.75 grams) is the lowest on this scale and what low end dealers might grab. On the street a half a b goes for $100-$125, which you can convert to about $170. The turnover is not extremely high, but the rate you sell it at is as you can easily turnover that amount in 20 minutes or less. The more balls you deal with, or sell, the higher the turnover.
Kim makes about $1,000 per week slangin' on George Street. She's ballin' yo'.
by eMM June 15, 2013

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