to make love

To have sex

To screw

to fornicate

to lay

To bone

To pork

To spike to the bed

To just down right fuckin
I was ballin the fuk out that hoe when she decided to tole me that she had Gohnahrea and stuff that don go away

After I got dun ballin that fat skank she started to cry, and then she said "You think Im a fat whore" but I told her she wasnt that fat. (then she cried sum moe)
by bartow joe May 22, 2005
Possesing two pistols of the same type, and usinging them both at the same time. kick ass, and just fuckin cool.
Johnson was kicking some serious ass with those two magnums. He's Ballin
by Anti January 09, 2005
i say ballin means:
- playing games (not literally)
- playing around
- fruttin
- being stupid
- hatin on
- lying
(playing games) - like if u ask some 1 somethin and they just beatin around da bush or just not answerin u straight, u say they ballin.

all the other examples are the way they are.

*** if u dont know wut "hatin" means then u need 2 go 2 da hood.
by Kazzy December 13, 2004
When at a basketball game and people yell "ball'in" they mean that the ball has gone into the hoop and the team has scored 2 or 3 points.
you that's ball'in
by Claudia203 January 07, 2016
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