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Vagily inserting crystal meth, for men it is manginnaly inserting crystal meth
stacy: i heaard Johny was Ballin with his manginna!
Katelyn: i know.. wait he has a manginna? eww
by RaWrRaWrlalala December 12, 2008
3 8
When giving a guy head and his balls hit your chin.
When I was hanging out with my boyfriend, I was ballin!
by Dr.Diego April 08, 2007
19 24
to have high social status
me and my boys were ballin in an all black escalade on 22's last night.
by nickyp August 11, 2006
41 46
N. An unemployed black man sporting stolen oversized jewelry and sweatshirts whilst hanging wit his niggas smokin blunts and tappin fat assed hoes.
Any Modern Day Rapper
"Yo that jacket on Kanye be tight! He be ballin' in that G!"
A lucky gorilla
"Yo that gorilla be covered in hoes. He Ballin'!"

by becknude18 April 21, 2009
6 12
The act of being fly.
"Damn, the Notorious B.I.G. was ballin'!"
"That OG was ballin'!"
"Did you see that? That shit was ballin'!"
by buykh2ordie January 10, 2009
5 11
playing womens basketball (b-ball) at TLMS.
"No one in this county be ballin like us!!!"

Duke Blue Devils be ballin!
by Aunt TE December 16, 2008
5 11
A term when used among Bloods meaning selling large amounts of drugs to gain large amounts of money therefore living in wealth.
That nigga with the mansion on the West Coast is ballin.
by hustletown July 18, 2008
2 8