to be extremely skillful at the American game basketball
wow jacob even though he's white is ballin
by jpmason12 March 17, 2010
The act of being fly.
Yo did you see that fly ass car? Hells yeah, that guy was ballin!
by DJ Jazzy G August 12, 2009
To cup another mans balls in your hands as he does yours at the same time!
It was so cute me and eric just stayed up, ballin all night!
by Zahajko July 29, 2011
To be a beast at basketball. Playing basket ball. sweet rich person who knows how to do it
John: Yo! that kid's ballin!
Jeff: Heck yeah man. he's killin it!
by Jack McDonell January 18, 2008
the act of being fly
i be ballin tonight bitch
by Dr. Ector June 20, 2009
To be Pimpin' it and Flying High
Steven and Nicole were Ballin' all around the world.
by Nikki152 November 22, 2007
To be rich,or not to be cheap.
1.) To play basketball.
2.) Living in affluence/wealth.
3.)Become rich after the ghetto.

We fly high no lie
You no this,

Nig*a You just got BALLED up.

Ay cuz let's go ballin.
by DJ JAM MASTER JIGAR April 02, 2007

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