Tupac invented ballin back in his thug life days, Jim jones is a homo who cant come up with an original idea. Tupac is the greatest rapper of all time when Jim Jones is a nobody wannabe thug.
You other motherfuckers fallin,
While me and my mothafuckin thug niggas,
we STR8 BALLIN!!!!!!

11 year old white boy: Jim Jones is so cool he invented ballin!
Hip-hop head: Jim Jones is a fucking homo. Tupac invented ballin.
12 year old white boy: Whos tupac??
Hip-hop Head: only the greatest rapper of all time
by Hoopz August 15, 2007
V. "To Ball" -To flagrantly display one's opulence.
"What's up with that guy in a white silk suit smoking a Cuban with Miley Cyrus on his lap?"
"He's ballin'."
by lackluster May 13, 2013
Driving aimlessly late at night just chillin listenin to music hoping to get pulled over because you know your not doing anything wrong so when you get pulled over you get the rush but dont get a ticket.
Yo chubbs lets go ballin.
by burn2227 April 25, 2011
The act of being fly.
Daaaamn, Randell's ballin!
by ImCool4411 April 06, 2011
1) describes a person who plays basketball
2) rolling in the big bucks
3) pretty fricken awesome
"aw yeah, he's so ballin', did you see that half-court shot at the buzzer?!"

"yeah, i'm ballin' after i won the lottery"

"dude, epic wipeout!" "yeah, that was so ballin'"
by hammit January 04, 2010
The art of being fly, fresh, swaggin.
Holy shit dude that was a ballin rhyme.
by Catilinaswagga December 13, 2009
To engage in sexual relations, entering with not only your manhood, but forcing your testicles in her rectum
I had her in the missionary possition and forced my balls in her arse, it was legendary. She loved it, I was Ball'in
by Falconevo July 01, 2009
The act of being fly.
Those are ballin.
by Carter P. July 19, 2008

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