Tupac invented ballin back in his thug life days, Jim jones is a homo who cant come up with an original idea. Tupac is the greatest rapper of all time when Jim Jones is a nobody wannabe thug.
You other motherfuckers fallin,
While me and my mothafuckin thug niggas,
we STR8 BALLIN!!!!!!

11 year old white boy: Jim Jones is so cool he invented ballin!
Hip-hop head: Jim Jones is a fucking homo. Tupac invented ballin.
12 year old white boy: Whos tupac??
Hip-hop Head: only the greatest rapper of all time
by Hoopz August 15, 2007
the act of bein' fly
Nigga, that dude is ballin'.
by amandagee September 15, 2008
A word used only when something is completly awesome and indescribable

Christian: Yo batman the midnight release was fuckin ballin
by myniggachucknorris July 19, 2008
The act of being fly.
1.Audrey Kitching is just straight up balling.

2. He looks so ballin with that new hair cut

by RoxxiCHAOT!C July 13, 2008
the act of being fly.
oh she/he be ballin.
by mirnda July 10, 2008
the act of being fly
man dat club be ballin!
by elshuu January 26, 2008
adj- The act of being fly
"dude that was ballin"

"we fly high, no lie, you know it, BALLIN"

"you're ballin"

"just ballin it up in the LBG bitches :)"

by Kate Armtrong January 19, 2008
Overused word from an overrated song.

(From the song, "We Fly High" by Jim Jones.)

Mostly used on MySpace to act like they're the coolest wangstas in the world.
"Dude, do you like my new display name? BAAAALLLLiiiiNNNN."

"Don't you mean ballin?"
by Alejandra Villa December 23, 2006

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