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Tupac invented ballin back in his thug life days, Jim jones is a homo who cant come up with an original idea. Tupac is the greatest rapper of all time when Jim Jones is a nobody wannabe thug.
You other motherfuckers fallin,
While me and my mothafuckin thug niggas,
we STR8 BALLIN!!!!!!

11 year old white boy: Jim Jones is so cool he invented ballin!
Hip-hop head: Jim Jones is a fucking homo. Tupac invented ballin.
12 year old white boy: Whos tupac??
Hip-hop Head: only the greatest rapper of all time
by Hoopz August 15, 2007
1. n): To play basketball
2) adj): One who is in a state of being extremely rich and likes to show off how rich he is.
Master P is ballin with all his money.
by ookiemonster April 21, 2003
Jim Jones famous phrase known by probably millions.
We fly high, no lie. You know this... BALLIN'!!!!!!
by E Vizzle4234523 January 29, 2007
To be living the good life. Rich, has mostly everything that you want.
That kid sitting across the table from us is ballin'!
by bkrasner December 16, 2006
rollin in mad fortune and fame
that playa is just ballin'
by j-rob mad fresh April 10, 2010
noun: the act of or being fly.
Jim Jones is BALLIN'
by joeybnukkas August 28, 2007
To be extremely surrounded by the ladies/dudes.
Rae Zapanta, Tony Amort, Noel Tabasco are ballin.
by Noel Tabasco March 17, 2008
(lat) adj. the act of being fly
we whites be ballin chyeaaa!
by lydiaaaa August 09, 2007