Tupac invented ballin back in his thug life days, Jim jones is a homo who cant come up with an original idea. Tupac is the greatest rapper of all time when Jim Jones is a nobody wannabe thug.
You other motherfuckers fallin,
While me and my mothafuckin thug niggas,
we STR8 BALLIN!!!!!!

11 year old white boy: Jim Jones is so cool he invented ballin!
Hip-hop head: Jim Jones is a fucking homo. Tupac invented ballin.
12 year old white boy: Whos tupac??
Hip-hop Head: only the greatest rapper of all time
#ballin #jim jones #tupac #thug life #str8 ballin
by Hoopz August 15, 2007
to hide cocaine, or other illegal drugs in the vagina.
That girl was ballin' when the cops showed up.
#cocaine #drugs #illegal #vagina #hide
by Lent November 30, 2007
Another word from ebonics that was ruined by the mainstream
(Jim Jones)
1. To have talent at basketball
2. To flaunt your affluence by wearing expensive brand name clothes, driving fancy cars, etc.
1. Yo cuz yeserday i was ballin like a muddafuka. i pulled a triple double on Tyrell's trick ass.

2. Hey blood i jus rocked deez ballin assed dope rims on my benz.
#flossin #pimpin #ridin #frontin #stuntin
by Veñ0m May 21, 2007
to be gd up from the feet up,gangster, or cool (as us white people say)
wow johnny those shoes are ballin
#ballin #gangster #cool #black #fly
by mikey dikey April 26, 2007
a word mistaken for a sexual act
Can we use a word besides 'ballin'? I don't want sexual acts in the newspaper.
#ballin #jim #jones #news #newspaper
by brlee April 01, 2007
When a gangsta aims his gun, turns it sideways and aims at the balls
we be ballin', yo
#gangsta #ballin #gun #balls #sideways
by stereo therapist January 15, 2009
to cry like a little bitch
that dude was ballin after that brawl
#baller #balling #cry #fly #basketball
by C killa May 28, 2007
It means either:
A: associating it with basketball .. you yell "ballin" wen sum one makes a basket.
B:You popped(took) an E pill .. Down here in Jersey we call them ballers and when you begin 2 feel it(begin 2 ball) then your "BALLIN"
C: You madd rich and got money .. that you can flaunt and spend like it aint shyt..so you "ballin"
A: I shot a paper ball in the trash and it made it so my boy yells "BALLIN" in accordance to the fact that i made it.

B:Yo I popped my baller a little bit ago and now im "ballin" hard as hell.

C:I got money to the ceilin bro..Im "BALLIN"
#ballin #ballers #ball #e pills #trippin
by ST3PHANii3 March 01, 2007
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