Coming from a song "We Fly High" and in the background they say "ballin" Now whenever someone or somebody does something good, they now say "BALLIN" putting their hand up in the air like they are shooting a basketball. Now this word doesnt have to just be said after something good is done, I have heard people just say ballin because they like to piss people off or they just like saying it. Now, I am totally fine with people saying it, but I feel like I want to rip their faces off when they keep saying it because it "sounds cool". So please, keep the term "ballin" said under very appropriate conditions.
A kid runs down and hits a buzzer shot at the end of the half.

Kid 1: Ballin...

A person gets out of their car and starts walking into a store and for some reason starts saying "ballin"


Two minutes later that man had his face ripped off by the author of this story.
by brachs01 December 21, 2006
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1.) To play basketball.
2.) Living in affluence/wealth.
(Using the word in a coherent, non-ebonics sentence) He called me up and told me he was ballin, but I later found out he was cheating on me.
by Ryan Thompson January 10, 2004
Livin the good life
"Im still ballin" (im still livin the good life)
by M.O.B. March 22, 2003
Living a life of extreme wealth and flaunting it. Sadly enough, young people from not so wealthy families think its cool to blow off thousands of dollars on jewlry and clothes instead of trying to move out of the ghetto and finding a better way of life.
lil' joe is ballin' wit dat phat gold chain and ice.(too bad he spent all of his momma's hidden stash buying it).
by rei February 20, 2005
1) To play Basketball (B-Ball)
2) To live a rich, uperclass life after growing up a poor - ghetto - low class life ; To perform illegal or shady actions to make and/or keep money (not always rich)
"I'm ballin for the money"
by Outlaw 2 Da Death August 18, 2005
Ballin' is a slang for someone hype.

It could either be one of these :

1) To play basketball.

2) One who is in a state of being extremely rich and likes to show off how rich he is.

3) Living the life.
1) That dude is ballin' at Rucker park !

2) He got bling & mad cash ! He ballin' !

3) He owns a Chrysler 300C & a Cadillac Escalade both on 24's ! He Ballin' !
by YOUNG-DJ June 06, 2006
1. To be well respected, high in status, wealthy; a "player".
2. To preform in the act of playing basketball.
Check out those rims, hommie. He be ballin.

Where my nigga lemar at?
Hes ballin with his hommies.
by uhhh bryan September 20, 2005
Ballin - to have expensive items or to be an expensive person. having alot of money, nice cloths, cell phone, house, etc.
you ballin, yeah im ballin.
by Acee December 06, 2006
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