a sex act which involves having sex on an exercise ball whist hopping about
hey wanna ballhop with me?
by caitlin crum April 08, 2008
Top Definition
When you're talking and your voice breaks.
Ballhop comes from when one of your testicles hops, making your voice suddenly high-pitched.
Guy: "I like pancake mi(insert ballhop)x."
by Wet69 December 01, 2010
To blag or to tell lies to try and get away with something. Often heard in a place of work following an extended period of absence. Most likely to be used by the recipient rather than the blagger
Dont ball hop me you lying turd, you werent at hospital visiting your poorly mother as you claim because when you didnt ring into work we rang all the hospitals asking if there was anyone with your surname because we were worried.
by Harry Campbell January 27, 2008
it is a type of dance, that kai c and tom made up.
it involves ballet and hip hop
in a club lets do some ballhop.
by caitlin crum April 08, 2008
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