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Appealing; cool; favorable; pimp; tight; anything that is good.
That is so damn baller!
by Keezy May 06, 2003
one who is of amazing skill playing basketball
baller= baller ben
damn that baller ben kid just totally broke that one kid's ankles. damn
id hit that
by TOB fo eva March 01, 2005
Mark Mingle=baller nothing else if you disagree with me i will personally send my highly trained team of ninja assassins to hunt you down and kill you in the most painful and humiliating way possible
xoxo adam vagadam
Mark Mingle is such a baller.
by adam vagadam January 30, 2005
To be like or as Claypac.
Real ballers drive Golf's with 1.8T swaps...nah mean?
by Blake March 02, 2004
(N) One who exhibits a proficency at the game of basketball. One whom has established themselves within a certain social circle or area. Someone who has a large amount of money and a way with the opposite sex. An individual with status derived from posession of "game",
"Ladies leave your man at home, the club is full of ballers with thier pockets full grown."
Destiny's Child

"What you wanna do? Wanna be ballers, shot callers, brawlers"
P Ditty
by DRM June 04, 2003
Similar to a boner, it's
"Oh, man, when I was eating I had a huge baller... ow..."
by gavsdude May 15, 2009
a guy with a lot of money and a nice car
"girrrl did you see that baller with the escalade?"
by litwiinka December 28, 2007
"Our music video is so baller!" exlaimed Jess.
by dembo45 February 22, 2007