a complete idiot. a castaway. a doucheBob.
Damn! Why are you such a ballbag!!!
by turd furgussen January 10, 2004
yam bag
youse guys are a bunch of ballbags
by Phil McCraken October 16, 2003
A male scrotum i dunno if thats how you spell it. Used in Dundee regularly
"Your a ballbag" i have to use 20 letters now so im using up space
by hunky duncy June 17, 2005
Someone who cries about everything. In almost 99% of the time it is a female.
Guy: Hey babe whats going on!

Girl: *crying* Why haven't you called me in the past 10 minutes!
by Oliva January 24, 2005
a greeting or a cheer as used by some circles in the southeastern united states.
Clift is enjoying one of his favorite bands live, and he shouts "BALLBAG!" In return, his surrounding peers respond. "BALLBAG!"
by the dastardly one December 30, 2003

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