A Bag that holds two balls...Or a bowling ball(But who uses it for that??)
My dad is a ballbag because he thinks I dont know he smokes pot and he is just a fucking ballbag!
by Seans sweaty taint November 07, 2003
Idiot, wanker, loser someone not deserving of a minute of your time!
Jesus he's such a ball bag.
by ross canning June 30, 2003
1. An expression of disbelief or annoyance.Can be used in the same way as bollocks!
2. A rebuttle of a shit comment made by another person who may or may not be a generic numpty.
What a load of old ballbags. Ballbags mate. Stop talking ballbags. That's ballbags.

For extra emphasis: Saggy ballbags mate!
Hairy ballbags!
by Almundoman April 13, 2008
one who is nice for there own benefit.
dave is only being nice to the foreman so he can work overtime. what a ballbag.
by pauliemoto October 09, 2011
Form of endearment used by the NZDF land forces. Initally confusing as it creates a feeling of disatisfaction but eventually you grow to realise it secretly means they care.
Where the fuck are you going ball bag?! Get that fucking target up!

Hey ball bag! where's the rest of your section?
by Stolli March 29, 2008
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