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when you're ballin so hard and so often it seems like you need an intervention from all the ballin.
Hi my name is Matt, and I'm a ballaholic.
by greatdolemite November 13, 2006
a cracka balla that has balled so much he can pass for a nigga balla
kevin is suck a ballaholic he can pass for kevaughn
by WH1TIE November 06, 2008
noun, a person who is addicted to ballin
John is a ballaholic
by iFly High March 01, 2009
someone that is so baller that it becomes addicting
Alexx is a ballaholic as it were.
by Alex^ballaholic as it were January 02, 2008
ballaholic is somebody so fly (like me)...it means your pretty much rediculusly awesome...and you pretty much cant help it your a star!
hey kate im pretty much a ballaholic!
by nicole is pretty awesome December 07, 2006
someone addicted to balls or being a baller; 3.5g of cocaine, testicles, round objects.
The grenade posse are some ballaholics homie.
by ricardo peninsias February 13, 2008