Originally used to refer to a cheater in the gentleman's sport of golf from the disingenuous act of picking up one's ball from the green in order to wash it then subtly replacing it closer to the cup. While meant as an extreme insult when people cared about such things, it has maintained its weight by now being used with obscene implications.
That ball-washing bastard!
by bpc May 16, 2005
Top Definition
the act of lavishing undue praise on a guest by a sports talk show host during an interveiw.
The Loose Cannons had Kobe on today, and Mychal and Vick gave him a major ball washing.
by Neil in Laguna Beach January 30, 2008
more intense/pitiful form of sucking up
Joe Says "Peter is sooo cool!"
Tom says "Stop ballwashing him!"
Matt says "Damn Ballwashers..."
by Rodney King April 22, 2004
giving someone excessive flattery. Recently popularized by the Petros and Money show on Fox Sports Radio.
John Madden has been ball-washing Brett Favre for years.
by dizzyHB May 14, 2010
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