1.A type of underwear that physically strangles your balls. Often worn by the victims of wedgies, mervins and automic mervins. Warning: Ball stranglers are not to be worn in public because it will cause pain and embarrasment. 2. Ball strangler is slang for "tighty whiteys". This is what cool people say because they are too embarresed to even mention the word "tighty whiteys" or "briefs".
OMG he's wearing ball stranglers.
by The king of automic mervins! September 27, 2010
Top Definition
another term for tighty whiteys
hey lets go wedgie the kid in the ball stranglers
by just passin by March 22, 2007
Ball stranglers are the horrible type of underwear worn by the victims of extremely painful wedgies. Warning- it is a stupid idea to wear this type of pants for they are known to damage balls and make the willy wonky
Richard: hey that guys wearing ball stranglers.
Dick:poor lad
Drew Peacock: let's go give him a wedgie and make his balls hurt
by The king of the dick(tionary) November 02, 2010
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