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The hair around your balls.
I called up my friend Vinny, and said, "Hi, this is Joe, can you braid my ball hair?"
by Rob c October 05, 2003
Hair that grows on ones balls.
Hey man what are you doing?

Oh nothing just shaving my ballhair.
by mikebjammin December 01, 2010
no... what we need's a strike...herrrrre
Tourettes girl: BALL HAIR!
Deuce: No, what we need's a strike...herrrre
by jenis June 17, 2003
a word used to scream out at people
Julie likes to drive down the road screaming BALLHAIR
by Bobby Ballhaire June 25, 2003
these critters tend to get stuck in your teeth after a round of horizontal hokey pokey
Bobby: Hey there. Did you and Billy Bob just get done, well you know...
Lisa Jo: Why? Do I have ball hair in my teeth?
by Tank December 29, 2003
A word made popular by the movie deuce bigalow male gigalo, because of a woman with tourettes. Also the hair on a males testes.
by D.C. July 23, 2003
the turf on and/or around the nut region.
play with my turf-like ball hair
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
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