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A ball coozie is when you put your balls in warm milk and you have a lady take a straw and blow bubbles in the milk to create a jucuzzie for your balls, which makes a ball coozie.
Man Vanessa that ball coozie last night was delish.
by matthew wengler July 03, 2004
To place your testicles (Balls) in a cup of water while your female partner proceeds to blow bubbles with a straw.
I think a ballcoozie would take care of that blue feeling you're having, honey.
by DOE-D September 21, 2003
placing the testicles into a glass of champagne or other highly carbonated liquid, while a partner blows bubbles into the glass using a straw
man: ballcoozie?
woman: i'll get the champagne
by mediumfreakingjoel April 25, 2012
The female fills her mouth up with warm water and pop-rocks and the male inserts his balls into her mouth as the female gargles, simulating the sensations of a jacuzzi, for balls.
Its been a long day, but luckily i still have some pop-rocks left in my bedside table drawer, so my bitch can ballcoozie my nuts, fo sho.
by Juggle-the-Nuggets November 28, 2011
The act of placing your nuts in a bowl of water and having one girl blow bubbles in it while recieving a handjob from another girl
Oh man, I had these two hot broads in my room last night and they gave me a sweet ballcoozie
by Mulloy August 13, 2005
a mans(term used loosely) bathing suit somewhat resembling womens thong underwear. -not a pretty picture.

"speedo nut bag"
"butt floss"
cover the childrens eyes dear, here comes another ballcoozie
by studebacherhoch January 16, 2004
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