It's an Enemy in a game called Kiss: Psycho Circus. He got a target on his big stomach and a cannon as a replacement for his right under arm.
"Oh noes! That fat ball buster killed me again!"
by Happy Negro May 02, 2005
A nutcracker, when used on a penis.
For the love of God, Naked Men, do not go near a nutcracker.
by sukebe September 19, 2004
See: Ashley Ferguson
It's never good enough for her anymore. Such a ball buster
by Aintnobody January 20, 2016
A woman who gets pleasure and or humor from being a royal pain in the rear to her significant other, by means of making jokes only she thinks are funny, playing extremely hard to get, as well as being an insanely difficult tease.
Man, that girl Sophia is such a ball buster it's incredible!
by Dinomite93 August 11, 2015
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