Someone who busts peoples balls.
Joe San Filippo is a ball buster.
by Balls Busted April 30, 2012
A person who relentlessly attacks someone, usually in writing, and exposes their misdeeds to the world. Must be true statements. Can be female or male, as long as receiver of ball busting feels like he/she was racked - mentally.
James: How can I add more dirt to this shocking article I am writing about Michael?

Sky: james, you are a real ball buster!
by beerkat88 July 31, 2009
A person who milks your nuts dry after having sex.
Billy, your mother is one hell of a ball buster.
by SteppinNeppin September 13, 2009
1) A person, place or situation in which one experiences great pressure emotionally, physically, or mentally or in any combination of these.
2) Any employment related repremanding by ones superior that was severe in degree and humbling or humiliating.
3) In sexual deviations it is a device made to apply varying degrees of pressure to the male scrotum and testicles.
1- Mother in law, boss, friar's roast,confessions, police men,
2-large, high pressure projects assigned at work.
3- Ask at the adult book store.
by cunninglinguist May 02, 2005
when your girl uses your balls as a punching bag.
my friends in the hospital because his girl gave him a ball buster.
by tkifr February 16, 2008
One who says something to get your hopes up (with no intention to follow through) and then busts your balls when they don't do what they said they would. IE, fucking with your head.

Jerry is a real ball buster because he promised me some money and then he said he couldn't give it to me.
by mike glockensteincumberg January 10, 2006
Is a Sex position or move.
it is the act of taking a plastic bag putting fecies (poo) in the bag abd hitting the partners scrotums

omg me and wanda did lastr night and wow that was the worst ball buster ive ever had, my balls are still tingling
by ShaunB February 20, 2008
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