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ball sucker a person who preforms oral sexual act to a male by allowing him to insert his testicals in his or her mouth, Then repeadedly suck his testicals
man this club is pumping i heard these chicks are easy i hope we are able to find out which ones a ball sucker cause i need to get my nuts sucked
by J DALEY August 11, 2006
To suck balls repeatedly.
Suck at life.
Mike: Your such a ballsucker.

Tom: Whats that mean?

Mike: You suck at life and you suck balls repeatedly.
by Mc Jingle Lob October 27, 2010
A female/male who likes to have the feeling of balls(testes)in their mouth and like to suck on them for their pleasure and delight not the person who's balls their sucking on
Andy:man hayden I love when u suck my balls u jst love to make me feel good. Hayden:No I do it for me Andy I love how soft they feel in my mouth and I love to suck on them. Andy:oh god ur such a dirty ball sucker u nasty bitch I love it. Hayden:so can I suck ur balls?_licks lips_
by Asi ;) wears stilettos September 28, 2010
self explanatory.

one who sucks balls
Bush is a democratic ballsucker?
by AlGore July 22, 2003
When Lyndsay like to have a little fun with some of her many guy friends and they stick it in her mouth and she chokes and dies!lol
oh lyndsay is a hard core ball sucker!
by Lyndsay Haaland December 18, 2003
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