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usually brought on by not washing your sack has a foul odor smell like weak strange body odor is also brought on by sweaty sack disease(ssd)a horrible horrible disease that makes your nuts/testicles/scrotum smell like holy shit even if you washed them earlyer that day
holy shit wat the hell i just scrubed my boys this mornin jesus i must have sweaty sack disease im fucked
or dude i think you have ball stink man
by harrison the king of pimps February 12, 2008
that stink you get on your hands after giving your man a handjob after he's worked a long hot day, that you just can't seem to get rid of even after numerous times of washing your hands
Boy, I just couldn't shake his ballstink the other night! I finally used a nail brush and ajax to remove the stench
by It's 420 July 07, 2005
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