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anything wet and sticky that causes discomfort and odor on the male genitalia. The most common forms are sweat, and/or sex fluids from either the male or the female, or a combination of all three.
Baby, I have to hit the shower, I am full of ball gravy, and it is making me itch. Care to join?
by the saskatchewan stud muffin January 23, 2007
white gluey substance also called jism,oatmeal,dna or spleug
Clinton launched ball gravy on Monica's blue dress.
by Yammer May 08, 2003
Moisture build up under your balls.
Holy ball gravy it's hot in here.
by The Bailiff January 27, 2015
The hardest working pair of softball teams around Edson!
Those Ball Gravy players are sure sweaty!
by "Fat Dog"aka Mitch C. August 14, 2003
While having intercourse, where the female is on top, sometimes vaginal lubrication leaks out and onto the males balls and the parts of the legs closest to the balls.
"I have to shower."
"Your ball gravy is everywhere and it is skeeving me out."
by Wingman August 21, 2005
another word for nut cheese
Tommy: "Hey scruffy come smell this wicked a$$ bal gravy."

Tommys sock puppet:"only if i can lick it"
by stewy-sapimpida-14 March 06, 2003
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