Balinese film industry. Very popular in Indonesia. Movies like "hey dudes, where's my traditionnal boat?!" and "Traditionnal dance with balinese wolves".
You're wrong, my old chap, Phyl DID star in "Da revenge of the traditionnal banner from Bali".
by Klikenbastaard September 02, 2004
Top Definition
Baliwood: The film industry of India, also called 'Bollywood.' Rhymes with Hollywood. India was once credited with having the largest film industry in the world. If you count number of films (roughly 800 per year) made, not cost of production, it beats Hollywood cold. Also a notoriously cheesy style of belly dancing and Sound of Music intertwined.
That film is so Baliwood.
by praguelodyte September 04, 2004
Alternate spelling of bollywood.
"Monsoon Wedding" is widely considered not to be a genuine Baliwood style movie.
by muggleangel September 11, 2004
Baliwood is not a real place, it is just a term used to decribe the growing Indian Film Industry.
Those movies from Baliwood are supposed to be pretty good, but i'm a War movie fan myself.
by Fig September 11, 2004
The Far East's version of Hollywood.
Yo pujab you catch the newest flick out of Baliwood
by fozitola September 12, 2004
an improper spelling of bollywood
bollywood isn't a real word so it has no correct spelling. therefore: baliwood
by shambola September 07, 2004
bad spelling of Bollywood, the Indian film industry (a la "Hollywood").
Did you see that new Bollywood movie with all the crzy singing and dancing? Amazing!
by Skunky McSplifficus September 07, 2004
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