a gang term for weed or marijuana. in changing the t from the word taliban meaning taliban weed to b for blood meaning bali Bali-Tali
I need a bag of dat bali
by mysoftbabygirl February 17, 2009
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Bali - Indonesia the place where tourists die all the time at the hands of Islam and Muslims!

2002 –Muslims kill 202 people, 88 were Australians.
2003 -The Marriott Hotel in Jakarta bombed, 11 people dead.
2004 –Australian Embassy in Jakarta bombed, 11 people dead.
2005 –Another bomb blast in Bali, 23 people dead.
2006 –Are there any idiot tourists left to bomb?

Is there an Islamic trend here?

Bali is located in Indonesia.

Indonesia is located in the southeastern part of Asia is said to be made up of 206 million people, however it is more factual that its population is around 245 million people. See government corruption.

Islam is the dominant religion in Indonesia although very little Arabic is used. Indonesian is the main language spoken and it is said that close to 90% of Indonesians are Muslim, making Indonesia the Islamic population capital of the world in terms of numbers. Islam can differ from region to region depending on variations and influences. See Islam or Abangan.

Indonesia has 33 provinces with some of them having separatist powers, depending on Islamic sectionalists. This means the country has not been unified and is struggling with a warped version of democracy. Indonesia has many human violations issues regarding East Timor and people of Indonesian Chinese background that were brutally murdered to name but a few. Pribumi people consider themselves as natives of Indonesia and do not like the Indonesian Chinese as they have more wealth and class than them. See Jealousy and Race Hate.

Indonesia is riddled with poverty, corruption on all levels, environmental issues as being located on the edge of the tectonic plates causes much earthquakes and tsunamis. To add Indonesia has over 66 volcanoes which many are active. So if you don’t get killed by Islamic Fundamentalists, you will probably be killed by a natural disaster. The many tsunamis in the Indonesian region have wiped out thousands upon thousands of Indonesians and hundreds of foreigner’s/tourists; however since Indonesia have a population of around 245 million, it is hardly a dent in the population census.

Indonesia also belongs to the OIC, Organization of Islamic Conference which is basically a Plagiarised version of the United Nations. Please see Mecca-Cola and The Prophet Muhammad. It is hoped by being a member of the OIC that Indonesia can use bully-power by ganging up on other countries that do not have high Islamic religious concentrations of population. In a sense the OIC is a representation of all the poor souls of these countries that are going to hell. i.e about 1.4 billion Islamic asses.

Indonesia is a place where food and waterborne diseases are rampant i.e. hepatitis A and E, typhoid, dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya. Bird Flue at the moment in Indonesia is also a risk. In other words if you eat Indonesian food or drink the water your totally fucked! Many tourists get what is termed as Bali Belly within the first few days of getting off the plan i.e. diarrhea, major stomach cramping, vomiting etc

Indonesia has put its hand out to the IMF, International Monetary Fund, for a total aid of 43 billion dollars.

Indonesia is a shunned place where only poorer classed tourists now travel. Wealthier classed tourists avoid Indonesia like the plague as Indonesia is a place where they let terrorists off for bombing tourists. In a sense a lot of Indonesian’s feel happy that western lives have been taken, as much like their hatred of Chinese Indonesians the Indonesian’s do not like anyone who are not Muslim or who are wealthier than them i.e. Corrupt Indonesian government is to blame, but the next best thing always suffices.

Indonesian police target foreigners in the street trying to lure them into buying drugs and then arresting them. If you pay a bribe at the time you may be able to walk away free. However a new trend is emerging where foreigner bags are being tampered with and foreigner’s are being set up for drug trafficking i.e. Schapelle Corby.

Indonesia has no respect for the safety of foreign tourists, and view most western people as stupid. Indonesia believe that if they keep on allowing terrorists to kill foreigners that it not only appeases their people to westerner suffering, but westerners will still come back to Indonesia despite being killed because of monetary exchange rates. Lower classes and poorer classed western people, if any, now travel to Indonesia as wealthier classed westerners put their lives above monetary exchange rates.

Indonesia is a cursed country that God is punishing. In time a tsunami will wash away Indonesia like sin!

Bali the new home for poor tourists!
"Hey dude are you going to Bali?" "No way man, I'm not going there to have my life blown away by some Islamic dickhead!"

"Did you hear Rose?" "No what Beatrice?" "There are still some tourists who are risking traveling to Bali and Indonesia." "Oh my, well I do hope they don't take children, as that would be murder." "Indeed, but I guess now traveling to Indonesia for the poorer classes is now an option." "Well one would only presume that even the poorer classes would wise up to being blown up in order to save a few pennies."

Paul won a free trip to Bali from Century T.V.
Live on television Paul tore the ticket up and told viewers that you can't even give away tickets to Bali or Indonesia as there is something seriously wrong with killing tourists.

Tash smiled at Tim and said, “So where do you want to party now?” “Yo babe we could party in Thailand, best place, and better than being killed in Bali!”

An ad came on Comedy Tonight. “Yes travel to Bali where we will love your westerner money but secretly plot to let terrorists kill you.”

“What a shit place mate! If the terrorists or Muslim fuckers don’t get ya, the fuckin’ natural disasters or tsunamis, earthquakes and volcano eruptions will!” “Give that Balinese shithole a miss!”

“Island of paradise my ass, Island of fuck’n terror more like it!”
by The Moody Poet August 24, 2006
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a place where three of my countrymen died because of some scrotrot muslim terrorist muthafuckers who think they can dominate the world.
12/10/02 will be remembered.....
by Brother Number One October 12, 2003
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by balisong42 August 23, 2003
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a korean word meaning quickly, fast, not slow
if you want the taxi driver to go faster tell him "bali bali"
by LeeMinwoo September 05, 2005
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An out of control night when drugs are taken and at some point you rip a sink off a wall. note: not all sinks can be ripped off a wall, but you gotta try.
1. Amy Whinehouse was balis the night she died.

2. Before he was winning, Charlie Sheen was balis.

3. Tom "dude wheres my car?"

Dan "i dunno man we got balis last night"
by Da Dentist July 25, 2011
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An Island with 90% of its populations are Hindus, and currently being mistaken by the world as a tourist killing field because of those fucking islamic terrorist who think they can rule the world and those fucking islamic indonesian government (and lots of Indonesian Moslem's too!)who tried to eradicate Hindus along with the Balinese since 1952 by issuing so many idiotic laws ranging from the banning of Hindus back in 1952 until the latest the Anti Porn act which will force the Hindus, the Balinese, and everyone in Indonesia despite of their race, religions, or beliefs to wear those cloth that cover your entire body like what you see in Iraq. Not only that, those fucking islam sees this as an opportunity to start another war in the name of their god and for the sake of morality to eradicate the Balinese(what kind of morality do you expect asshole???).

About the Anti Porn Act (or should I say the "we determine how you dress, how you live, what you see, what you think, and what you believe act"), is nothing but a violation of civil rights and strongly against the concept of Unity in Diversity (the Indonesia's concept, have been carried since it's independence, but have never been applied by the government who just keep thinking fucking islam is the best)

The Island of Bali and the Balinese itself have been exploited by the fucking government since the birth of the nation. The government keep taking their wealth via taxes and so on, but never give any real contributions or pay any attention to the condition of the island.

In almost every Indonesian internet forum, you can always find some people who keep discussing about the eradication of Balinese just because they're Hindus.

The last threat given by those fucking islam organization was they're threatening the Balinese by saying they'll cut off the power supply to Bali via the ocean if the Balinese still doesn't accept the Anti Porn Law.

Remember back in 60's when almost half of the US are racist? Remember the KKK?
Today the indonesian islam are doing the same to the Balinese. If you're Balinese, and you work in Java-the mainland of indonesia (or other place in Indonesia with high population of islam), don't expect better place or condition than the islams.

The conclusion is:

Bali, suffering from the Indonesian Government.

Indonesia, managed and operated by idiots behind the government.

<i>you can comment anything you like, but that's the condition out there, seeing is believing, I've been traveling around that nation and this is the fact I've found about Bali</i>
(one of my moslem friend said this)
Balinese are demons because they pray to the temple and eats pork beside other kind of foods, and because they has many gods.

(said in 1952 by the ministry of religions and believes, and the same thing goes for Buddhist and Indonesian Chinese too)
We can't accept the Balinese Hindus as appropriate religion because they are inappropriate in their way of praying, unlike the islam and the christian.

(was said by one of those islam organization)
We'll cut off the power supply if those demons (the Balinese) still refuses the Anti Porn Act!!
by Alabaster Flyer January 14, 2009
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