A BIG ASS patch of hair missing from someones head. Old people usually have these. People aren`t meant to be BALD!!!!!!
Young person: "Yo..did you see the BIG ASS BALD SPOT on that old granny?! Man that granny FUGLY!!!!"
Old person: "Would`ya pipe down sunny.. your`e enterupting my picnic"
by Stephanie Soquet January 31, 2004
Top Definition
a drink made up of: a shot of absolut, a shot of cuervo, and a bit f o.j.
"we only have absolut, cuervo, and o.j. left"
"perfect! make me a bald spot"
by de nephew August 25, 2007
Can be used as a verb, noun, adjective. It means bad or uncool.
That guys new girlfriend is so baldspot looking!
by mamaboozie March 27, 2009
An empty patch of hair on a fore head or upper skull.
The Miller's daughter, Michelle, has many baldspots on her head and frankly it is disgusting.
by johnnytwoshoesdawg January 15, 2008
Its not a bald spot, its a solar panel for my bullshit machine
That's one nasty bald spot
by ReadySebbyGo January 27, 2005
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