when you're doing your girlfriend doggystyle over the balcony and u quickly switch off with a friend. You then go down the stairs and wave at her. Often giving her a pleasant surprise.
Cody and I pulled a balcony on that wasted college girl.
by Dr. Love and the clitmaster March 20, 2007
Top Definition
(n) when you stand, fully clothed, next to the one you love and put a hand down each other's trousers, thus forming a balcony with your arms.
Sometimes, when Kathleen and I fallout, we make a balcony as a pacifier.
by daveaux July 04, 2014
Used to describe a woman's breasts as the sudden jutting of a woman's mammaries resonables a 16th century shakespearean balcony.
"Did you check out the balcony on that woman, Reginald."
"Indeed, Cedric."
"I want to have sex with her."
by Steve February 22, 2005
A patio like structure which extends from most upper level apartments, and second stories of houses, often where people balcon.
Guy 1- "So this is your apartment"
Guy 2- "Yep, and thats the balcony, where we balcon."
Guy 1- "Balcon?"
Guy 2- "Like a Falcon."
by B-Rizzle Fo Shizzle October 02, 2007
A place filled with stupid, irrational, or mentally challenged people.

To stick out like a balcony means to be mentally challenged (from Italian).
My place is now a complete balcony since these guys moved in.

Are you on the balcony again?
by UrbanCulture July 16, 2005
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