Someone who likes the taste of their feces.
That guy sure is a bala.
#bala #feces #taste #shit #bhala
by Dusits June 16, 2010
Top Definition
it's spanish for bullet
My cuete's loaded, it's full of balas!
#cuete #vato #cholo #bullet #gun
by vaki5 November 30, 2006
Bala, short Indian name. Usually a shorter form of a different name used in america.

Yo whazup, I'm bala.
#indian #name #sandeep #american #nickname
by Deepsand April 06, 2009
An indigenous australian word. It's meaing is synonymous the words "bra" or "bro". However it is usually used aggressively, like when shaping up for a fight or threatening somebody.
1. "Chay bala, you want to lego?"
translation: "Oi bra/bro/c**t, you want to fight?"

2. If you accidently bump into a coloured person.
coloured guy: "bala?"
other guy: "sorry man, i dont want no trouble"
#bala #aggressive #fight #angry #chay #indigenous #lego #black
by Slangmaster3000 February 07, 2008
A bala is usually a pleasingly plump person who is incredibly intelligent. A bala has an unsatiable hunger for books and boobs, due to this he almost always goes home to view pictures of sexually attractive swimsuit models, but he also enjoys books very much.Phrases such as these can be used to describe him, "wow, that guy just pulled a bala". A bala is usually a person that pulls snake moves on you, pulling your chair from underneath you when you are trying to sit or stealing your personal belongings from your bag when you're not paying attention. Though balas usually have big giant like appearances and large hands, they have amazing capabilities to slickly open zippers and steal from you when you are least expecting. Balas are smart and are good targets to extract intellectual information from even though they is usually extremely reluctant.
Wow, that guy pulled the chair from underneath you when you were about to sit, he's such a bala.

Yo, where are all my pencils and pens? That guy just pulled a bala on me, what a snake.

Yo, see that guy? he's a bala lets cheat with his answers.
#plump #swimsuit #snake #intelligent #smart
by Ill C September 30, 2011
South African Indian slang term for penis/male genitalia. Mostly used to be disparaging or degrading and is essentially the same (in meaning and usage) as the Engish term 'dick'.
Man to friend: "You run like a girl. "
Friend: "Suck my bala"

Man with STD to doctor: "Doc my bala is hurting bad"
#penis #cock #dick #(a) vagina #balls
by charou June 19, 2009
A balas is a chunk of poo originating from the Polish Language
I just made a big balas!!!!!


That is a big balas in the toilet
#poo #shit #toilet #polish #balas
by sawbonz69 June 02, 2014
the act of spontaniously changing sexual preference
Person 1; "Hey man, did you hear about jules? He's dating guys now." Person 2; "Wow, i wouldn't have thought he'd turn out to be a bala."
#switcharoo #trade teams #spontanious #homo #versatile
by Jennysayspenis April 09, 2011
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