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muscle obliquus externus abdominis, six packs, abdomen
I'm going to fitness center to have baklavas by the beginning of summer.
by Mustesar September 07, 2011
A middle-eastern sweet/dessert that tastes really good and that everyone is always mispronouncing.
Susie: I love Backlahhvahh!!!
Abu: you mean baklava...right?
Susie: Baklava?
Abu: you know what, who cares... who even cares
by dragons000000 November 04, 2006
A reference to any person who is being immature, jerk-off-ish, etc. Basically an insult or curse. Used in the context of bitch, asshole, etc.
<person 1> You're such a dick.

<person 2> BAKLAVA!!!
by Michelle McCullar August 23, 2005