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A middle-eastern sweet/dessert that tastes really good and that everyone is always mispronouncing.
Susie: I love Backlahhvahh!!!
Abu: you mean baklava...right?
Susie: Baklava?
Abu: you know what, who cares... who even cares
by dragons000000 November 04, 2006
muscle obliquus externus abdominis, six packs, abdomen
I'm going to fitness center to have baklavas by the beginning of summer.
by Mustesar September 07, 2011
A reference to any person who is being immature, jerk-off-ish, etc. Basically an insult or curse. Used in the context of bitch, asshole, etc.
<person 1> You're such a dick.

<person 2> BAKLAVA!!!
by Michelle McCullar August 23, 2005