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when one farts excessively - the smell of "baking brownies"
Holy shit, Paul's baking brownies! Go to the toilet paul!
by barneyg June 20, 2003
To fart excessively for an extended period of time
"Hey, what's that smell?"
"I think that guy over there is baking brownies"
by CLERKINATOR December 18, 2009
When you've left some residue in your underwear indicating something's either baking or been baked already.
"Damn, boy, what's that in your shorts. You been baking brownies in there?"
by Kurn January 17, 2007
When one shits.
Holy SHIT! Look at mike's pants! He just baked some brownies!
by Anonymous March 25, 2003
A term used for the action of smoking weed
"I'm ripped dude! I just got done baking brownies."
by Sh@dowBlood August 22, 2009
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