The act of placing all 10 fingers, penis and testicles inside a women at one time. Making a total of 13 individual parts inside her at once, Hence the term Baker's Dozen. This can be done using any of the following oraphaces, mouth, vagina, and or anus simutaniously, in any combination, as long as every thing is inside at the same time.
Used in a sentence: Jane's gag reflex made her two testicles short of her first Baker's Dozen
by Rob24 July 24, 2006
An act in which a man engages in at least 13 coital engagements to ejaculation, all within a 24 hour period. Represents high achievement of male sexual stamina, much as a marathon is to a runner or as ballooning around the world is to rich white men.
Man: How was the trip to see your "girlfriend"?
Dude: Man, I tore her ass up! Made it a baker's dozen just so she wouldn't forget.
Man: Whatever, Dude. Doesn't count if you cranked them out by hand.
by Maj February 19, 2004
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