In Porn the taking of 13 hot cum loads on a girls face, tits and mouth. Quite a wonderful sight.
All 13 of us came on the cunts face giving her a Bakers Dozen of jizz.
by blowmenow February 05, 2008
1) A thirteen inch clit.
2) A clit so big it could be mistaken for a penis.
3) Something you don't want your dick to touch.
Guy 1: I can't believe you hooked up with her, she looked like she had a bakers dozen.
Guy 2: Dude, my ass hurts.
by Ttocs Senga March 28, 2008
Slang used for smoking 13 rounds of marijuana in a row.
After Billy and his friends smoked a baker's dozen, they were melting through the floor.
by ChubbyHubbyMcLardAss November 16, 2005
Sticking 12 objects up a woman's vagina and sucking out 13
What's grosser than gross? Sticking 12 oysters up a Grandmother's cunt and getting a baker's dozen.
by delusional in TX January 06, 2012
(n.) the act of smoking 13 consequetive bowls of marijuana. A double-entendre; "baker" refers to both the marijuana being burnt and the number traditionally associated with baked goods
Dude, I got so fucked up yesterday. We smoked a baker's dozen. I couldn't move for a day.
by slapdick July 24, 2004
Being penetrated by 13 men, one after the other
just like that
Tim: This girl walked into our bakery the other day, asked for a baker's dozen... we sure gave her one. She could barely walk afterwards.

Derek: Man that shit is ugly
by Alex G Thomas April 25, 2008
The exhausting phenomenon of having thirteen loose bowel evacuations in one 24 hour period. Especially while on holiday in Mexico or in Majorca on your 30th birthday with seven of your mates.
'I really thought Paul was going to make a baker's dozen but he bust and had his 14th at five to midnight. That's 20 euros wasted then.'
by mockschmock December 07, 2006
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