1.The gayest of all homosexual acts known to man. Performed by a two men. One holds the other upside down, while both perform oral sex to the other.

2. Used as a derogitory term when one does not like another person. Can be used in three forms: The original "Baked Potato", The "Flamin' Baked Potato", and
the "Homing Missile Baked Potato". Each with coresponding hand gestures.
"The Ref. likes the Baked Potato." "Take your Baked Potato, light it on fire, and throw it. Kaboom." "Take your Baked Potato, light the fuse. Three, Two, One, blast off."
by J.ADAMS June 07, 2006
Top Definition
Placing your non-erect cock in between someones butt cheeks.
I sneaked up on Suzannah while she was bending over tying her shoe, and placed my penis down her exposed butt crack and shouted "Baked Potato!"
by Yum--cake balls January 01, 2011
The gayest gay act
"That guy likes the baked potato"
by Jordan May 11, 2004
(Noun) The act of being a couch potato while also being high on marijuana.
I was so lazy yesterday when I got high I was just a baked potato for the rest of the day.
by Atomik Menace May 29, 2011
1) The simplest and greatest way of preparing that mighty tuber, the potato. Set the oven to three hundred and fifty degrees and rock on for about fourty five minutes then rock on some more.

2) One of the manliest foods on the planet.
The other day, I ate four Baked Potatoes while watching a John Wayne movie. It was one of the manliest nights of my life.

Steve (on instant messenger): i just ate a baked patotoe ya, it kicked ass, why not define that on urban dictionary, bitch...
by Bythorsbeard January 19, 2005
The feeling of euphoria that one feels immediately after the consumption of marijuana; getting baked/stoned;
"Dude, i just hit the tits out of that bong and now im super baked potato."

"Dude, you look totally baked potato right now!"

- "Dude... how baked potato are you right now?"

-"Yeah man, im totally tater tots!"
by Keny Majowski & Calbe Dackwall January 11, 2012
a stoned down syndrome person
"check out that baked potato, he's stoned as a mutha fucker!"
by leviticus, Jordan converse October 28, 2013
When someone bends over in front of you and purposefully flatulates. They occasionally use an excuse such as finding a penny on the ground.
Man, Steve totally gave me a baked potato on the way home from work.
by Mufftacular January 16, 2009
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