To make a lot of money
That guy bakes with his business
by slangie April 29, 2009
A person with very little intelligence who will try and force their ill informed point of view on everybody else
'Juan veron is rubish'

'Fack off you bake'
by arky July 17, 2003
to have sex or fuck a girl.
Yoooo i was over dat smut bitch crib last nite.
Did u bake nigga?
What u think she a whore. lol
by Tyre And Brandon- crestmont April 14, 2007
The nickname that comes from the last name Baker. Bakes can be a boy or a girl, and works well with either. Bakes' are quite the lads and she's very clever and accepting of the stellar nickname.
Girl 1- who's that?
Girl 2- Lehna?
Girl 3- Lehna?! It's Bakes now!!
by stellarstingers:) April 07, 2016
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