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To smoke weed.

Past Tense: baked.
"I'm so baked."
"Let's go get baked."
by ruby ho May 06, 2006
To smoke weed in a closed area.
Roll up your windows so we can bake.
by Dustin January 10, 2003
Northern Irish slang for mouth or the whole face.
You've a bake on ye like a question mark!

Bake buckled clean off ye, crazy-face!
by clarkekentyboy April 21, 2009
Form of the last name of Baker. Nickname for someone who smokes a lot of marijuana and/or is generally baked in their daily life.
Did you talk to Bakes today? He doesn't have any idea what is going on.
by Harsh_Kumar February 24, 2008
common slang in ireland for the word 'mouth'. mostly used as part of an insulting sentence. comes from the word 'beek', like a pigeon's beek. could also be prounounced 'baik'
'here, mate, i'll do your knees in'

'shut you your bake'
by Mark the Shark May 21, 2004
This word was originated in California aka the Yay. It means ya bootie!!!
Like the guys like it when you pop bakes !!!
by Da reel Shanelle May 09, 2006
Often used in sports; makin the other team look bad by kickin their asses in a game.
Those bitches was WHACK
Yeah...we baked em
by Nostone October 27, 2005