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1. A human that displays characteristics often associated with baked products.

2. To be crusty, flaky, or to have an otherwise baked visual appearance

3. A derogatory comment; an insult
1. Kelci is a real bakeface.

2. Wow! That little boy is SUCH a bakeface!

3. You conniving little bakeface.
by Harlot February 16, 2006
A person who is stoned/baked all the time, or seems like they are stoned/baked. Also, a person who denies this assumption.
Telmo: "Liz your baked!"
Liz: "No I'm not."
Telmo: "Ya your baked! You're a bake face. Look at you! You're a pastry!"
by baked August 30, 2006
Some dude totally baked. You can tell by the expression on their face.
Jesse: "Dude you're such a bake face right now"
Telmo: "Kid I know"
by Cumby August 30, 2006

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