the act of fellatio
Betty baked a cake for Barry last night.
by larry January 01, 2004
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sexual intercourse
Lets bake a cake before everyone starts showing up to the party
by tomcon5 March 01, 2009
To kill or murder used in the south especially by bloods
If that snitch come around here ima bake a cake for that nigga.
by Suicide123987 December 20, 2009
Another word for fucking.
You can also say "to bake a cake" or "we're gonna bake a cake."

Simple, no other way around it.
Nick: What are we gonna do after we wash those dishes?

Leah: We're going to be bake a cake ;]
by m/squeeks13 February 16, 2010
“Bake a cake” refers to a sexual favor to ones spouse.
Michelle you have to do something, why don’t you bake a cake.
by ur2nice2b October 17, 2012
Snorting chop coke will cause you to sound and feel like you baked a cake in your nose
You look and sound like shit...what did you bake a cake last night?
by Dr. Sueme June 16, 2013
It means to take a shit. The first I heard of it was from a Cheech and Chong comedy album.
Gina, I often bake a cake in the morning, right after coffee.
by Enik January 22, 2005

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