The guy you've known forever as the "man whore". He is forever trying to get into every girl's pants. He is also known for his horrible bad breath. However, he is fun to hang out with when he's not hitting on you. Bakaris usually pretend they are super bad-ass and good at tagging, and tend to change their tag name every five seconds.
Shit girl! Get away from that guy, he's such a Bakari!
by a chick who knows Bakaris August 27, 2009
Top Definition
the sexiest hunk of male there is out there
that guy is so bakari
by kekekiao January 03, 2008
The person who brightens your day. Who turns your frown upside down, who wipes your tears away. Ba'kari is one of kind. There is no other. Ba'kari is the one who will do anything for you, who will love you unconditionally. The one who makes everything worthwhile. The one who makes you feel like there is no one else in the world. Ba'kari will make you not look at anyone else. Ba'kari will make you feel like you are the only girl in the world. That person who is just always there. Ba"kari is the one you spend your whole life with. A life full of laughter and Joy. That's Ba'kari.
Girl, my boyfriend is trippin, I need a Ba'kari in my life!
by Beeeeeeeeeeee's #1 fan November 28, 2011
A person who is called batman, cheeks, and many other things because of his forhead
hey cheeks or Bakari
by macktack October 18, 2011
A computer nerd who loiters around usually of the Khaled variety. Has little or no social life and enjoys undertaking pointles tasks such as grating cheese, practicing finder line dancing infront of the mirror and poking lamps.
Perry ; that get has no social life i wonder what he does in his spare time
Chiino ; ye i bet hes a Bakari probably a khaled too
Perry ; gee what a weirdo lets avoid him forever
Morris ; ye good idea i hate Khaleds and Bakaris
by Benji-mon January 09, 2008
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