A Mountain Dew drink available, strangely enough, only at taco bell and tastes like a mixture of the short lived soda Pepsi Blue, regular Mountain Dew, ecstasy, Sweet Tarts, and Surge. Has a bluish-green tint.
baja blast is a tropical lemon lime storm.
by crackstar May 28, 2007
To beef while skateboarding so hard it causes you to lose your job.
homicide was doing some sick flips on his way to work, but he baja blasted himself into the unemployment office. Taco Bell doesn't care if you have a concussion, you're still a half hour late to your shift.
by .tee. April 02, 2014
When you're fucking a Mexican chick and she squirts as you cum
Dude I fucked flaca and and we Baja Blasted
by XTUMBLRX August 05, 2015
A sexual act where a guy blasts a girl in the face with his load of cum while going "bahahahaha".
Justin: "I'm so going to give that girl, Allison, a Baja Blast later."
Nate: "The drink?"
Justin: "Nah, dude. The kind that you give with deeeeezzzz nuuuuutttttssss."
by AzaleasSuck August 19, 2014
The act of ejaculation on a stranger/ loved one in public proceeded by suicide via gunshot to the head directed at the target of the initial blast.
"Did you hear? Phil Baja Blasted all over his Mom.. Can't believe he's dead..."

by crisco_king420 December 31, 2015
Cumming on a girl's face, throwing sand in the cum, while having sex on a beach.
Dude we were fucking on the beach. It was so gritty so I gave her the Baja Blast!
by Lizzard Brizooks July 21, 2009
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