Used as an insult to someone who is unpopular, primarily used towards skaters.
"Look at those skaters, they're bait"
by Danmagnet January 18, 2005
Obvious. Also used as a synonym for "duh"
Neville: Oi, it was so bait you were tokin' blunts at the library.

Humphrey: Oi, Nev, your mum is fat.

Fred: Bait.
by Crabsoneyes January 06, 2005
heat (causing a noticeable disturbance)or acting in an unlawful manner without being discreet
dat boy bait, he won't even conceal the dope.
by shaner August 19, 2003
(1).To begin a certain task or accaomplishment

(2). Slang term for cocaine
Go bait that bitch, Dawg!!!
Yo G pass tha bait.
tool, pussy, someone who has no life, a low quality person, no respect for them, scrub
"Shut up bait"
"You're a fucking bait"
"Look at that guy, what a bait"
"Rascal Flatts, what a bunch of baits"
by Aquafina69 March 18, 2009
Male genitalia, particularly the scrotal assembly (scrotum and testicles).

One of the oddest human body parts, no one knows exactly why the scrotal assembly is put together the way it is. However, many scientists now theorize that, much like the worm-lure tongue of the Alligator snapping turtle, the scrotal assembly's appearance evolved as a lure to help prehistoric man catch and kill otherwise deadly wooly mammoths.

When a mammoth was spotted, one man would climb onto a stump, rock, etc. and shout out mammoth calls while dangling his junk in full view of the animal. The mammoth, entranced by this display, would stumble drunkenly toward the man with its mouth watering and its trunk outstretched ready to pluck the sweet sweet prize from the hunter.

Then, suddenly, the rest of the hunters would spring up from behind the bushes and spear the mammoth which, even while dying, would never take its eyes off the bait. Often, the mammoth's mouth would continue to water for an hour or so after death, and while some speculate that this was merely a reflex action, others suspect that as the mammoth's brain shut down, it saw before it a brilliant tunnel of light with hundreds of juicy nutsacks at the end.

After the extinction of the wooly mammoths, the scrotal assembly has become essentially a vestigial appendage whose unique appearance no longer serves a purpose, much like the appendix.
HHHuuuucccgh!!!! It got me right in the bait!
by GabrielSix March 28, 2005
someone who gives out the secret, does things that everyone doesn;t want to agree with.
"oh my gosh, he's so bait!! He told <someone> 'bout<something>..."
by "bayt" May 05, 2003

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