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Used as an insult to someone who is unpopular, primarily used towards skaters.
"Look at those skaters, they're bait"
by Danmagnet January 18, 2005
Obvious. Also used as a synonym for "duh"
Neville: Oi, it was so bait you were tokin' blunts at the library.

Humphrey: Oi, Nev, your mum is fat.

Fred: Bait.
by Crabsoneyes January 06, 2005
heat (causing a noticeable disturbance)or acting in an unlawful manner without being discreet
dat boy bait, he won't even conceal the dope.
by shaner August 19, 2003
(1).To begin a certain task or accaomplishment

(2). Slang term for cocaine
Go bait that bitch, Dawg!!!
Yo G pass tha bait.
tool, pussy, someone who has no life, a low quality person, no respect for them, scrub
"Shut up bait"
"You're a fucking bait"
"Look at that guy, what a bait"
"Rascal Flatts, what a bunch of baits"
by Aquafina69 March 18, 2009
someone who gives out the secret, does things that everyone doesn;t want to agree with.
"oh my gosh, he's so bait!! He told <someone> 'bout<something>..."
by "bayt" May 05, 2003
a word you use if you are gay.
Gay:Im so gay i use the word baits.
by slissymcslisington August 11, 2008