the process or about to be joked
yea nigga Imma bait you
by VonA February 26, 2008
meaning to grass on some one, north-west london slang
DONE U BAIT ME UP BLAD! - please refrain from reporting me to the authorities
by g_pet100 March 08, 2005
Obvious. Also used as a synonym for "duh"
Neville: Oi, it was so bait you were tokin' blunts at the library.

Humphrey: Oi, Nev, your mum is fat.

Fred: Bait.
by Crabsoneyes January 06, 2005
adj. Describes something markedly foolish. Someone or something that is "bait" could also be called a tool.
Don't rock that Hot Topic bullshit. That's bait.

Why are you sucking up to that cop? You bait bitch
by TophZilla October 10, 2007
Used as an insult to someone who is unpopular, primarily used towards skaters.
"Look at those skaters, they're bait"
by Danmagnet January 18, 2005
heat (causing a noticeable disturbance)or acting in an unlawful manner without being discreet
dat boy bait, he won't even conceal the dope.
by shaner August 19, 2003
(1).To begin a certain task or accaomplishment

(2). Slang term for cocaine
Go bait that bitch, Dawg!!!
Yo G pass tha bait.

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