Noun: an undercover cop posing to be a customer of an illegal act or good. So when u service them they will arrest the suspect.
Man, pee wee jus served bait the other day. Now he's locked up.
by Ya Boi Cash November 10, 2006
Sexually provacative clothing that females wear to attract a male
Ohh, Suzie has got her Bait on tonight!
by rfr June 08, 2006
The state or condition of working at Apo-bait Pharmaceuticals. Coined by the infamous Ali!!
How can I focus on regulatory affairs and clinical development when I'm surrouned by so much bait?
by L'il ignant dago July 04, 2003
to have ones butt checks in open breeze for all to see

Full out Bait: baitin while on a bicycle
Austin was full out baitin on his bike in front of the whole park.
by TKD KID May 24, 2009
the process or about to be joked
yea nigga Imma bait you
by VonA February 26, 2008
adj. Describes something markedly foolish. Someone or something that is "bait" could also be called a tool.
Don't rock that Hot Topic bullshit. That's bait.

Why are you sucking up to that cop? You bait bitch
by TophZilla October 10, 2007
meaning to grass on some one, north-west london slang
DONE U BAIT ME UP BLAD! - please refrain from reporting me to the authorities
by g_pet100 March 08, 2005

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