North east england pit-worker slang for lunch.
"Alreet, whatcha got fer yer bait?"
"Boiled ham."
by Bonny lad November 11, 2004
not safe
bait popo's arround
by Anonymous June 19, 2003
Bait is one of the terms 4chan has,
its usually in an image including a fish and bait, the words are, "this is bait"
the phrase basically means that someone has lied and wants someone to believe them or stuff like that.
Person A: My whole family died last night, and each of their wills gave me a $1,000
Person B shows the bait image
by Ayy Lmaomaster October 26, 2015
A derogatory term that whores in the DMV use. People who use the word bait usually jump from guy to guy every week. If you're "bait", you're probably being used to "catch" someone else.
Whore: nigga is da bait
Normal Person: We are not bait, you fucking whore, we are guys, not your fucking toys that you use to lure someone else in.
by Sventevith November 11, 2010
If you are being bait your gonna get caught just think of it as fish bait because you have become it! That is where it originated from!
This place is bait lets make a move! (The feds are coming)
Your sooo bait! (being stupid infront of old people)
by Veli July 31, 2006
1970's Southern California four letter word for dislike, disappointment, general disagreement, stupidness or overall crappiness.
1. How was the concert? Bait.
2. Man, that girl was really hot. No man, she was bait.
3. I really liked her clothes! No way, they're bait.
4. Don't be bait about it.
5. You're bait.
6. I'm not bait, you are!
by KCarr March 21, 2008
What you use to catch teh little fishies in oceans and rivers...
(I had to state the obvious)
What type of bait do you use?
by CAPTIANOBVIOUS September 28, 2006
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