A derogatory term that whores in the DMV use. People who use the word bait usually jump from guy to guy every week. If you're "bait", you're probably being used to "catch" someone else.
Whore: nigga is da bait
Normal Person: We are not bait, you fucking whore, we are guys, not your fucking toys that you use to lure someone else in.
by Sventevith November 11, 2010
1970's Southern California four letter word for dislike, disappointment, general disagreement, stupidness or overall crappiness.
1. How was the concert? Bait.
2. Man, that girl was really hot. No man, she was bait.
3. I really liked her clothes! No way, they're bait.
4. Don't be bait about it.
5. You're bait.
6. I'm not bait, you are!
by KCarr March 21, 2008
What you use to catch teh little fishies in oceans and rivers...
(I had to state the obvious)
What type of bait do you use?
by CAPTIANOBVIOUS September 28, 2006
Rasta for Scoundrel, punk, scum, and these types of people
Ooman naa like bait. (Women don’t like punks.)
by Miguel April 13, 2004
The act performed by HALLIK.
Dude hallik, dont bait me anymore pls!
by railz November 07, 2003
A shorter form of the word Masturbate. When a person jerks off.
mother: "time for dinner"

Son: "go away, baitin'!"
by jesus123456789 May 09, 2007
A Young Attractive Female Who Rolls For The Team
Dont Mess With Lexi She Bait!
by God's Flyest August 30, 2008

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