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easily seen, recognized, or understood; open to view or knowledge; evident: an obvious advantage.
lacking in subtlety.
Obsolete . being or standing in the way.
-Yoooo PAM stap being so bait about helping disadvantaged youth in your free time
by $pense March 09, 2011
33 25
Someone who is extremely attractive and/or sexy
Brianna: Eric is the bait.

Eric: Brianna is the bait.

Kayla: They're both the bait. I Love His Body, and She's Sexy
by GrannyWare January 10, 2010
211 204
Making something really obvious that is illegal or something that if it got in the wrong hands could have a serious consequence such as the law enforcement.
Such as if you messaged someone on facebook trying to get illegal things:

Person 1: Hey dude can I get some of that illegal stuff off of you?
Person 2: Text me, because it is bait on here
by I_Love_Devlin March 21, 2011
10 6
Usually associated with doing some kind of illegal/disobeying activities.

When someone is being "bait", it means that they are not being careful in whatever they are doing, and are likely to be caught.
If a situation is "bait", it means that there is a large chance of being caught at whatever you are doing.
Jevan: Oi, lets go do some shotties in the smoking area.

Henry: Naah mate, thats so bait!
by yeaaaaaaahmate October 26, 2011
12 10
When something happens that can cause you any danger.
"I almost tripped back there, that was bait.
"The police just searched me with chron in my shoe, that was bait."

"I almost just got hit by a low flying jet, that was bait."

Tom: i just found out my mom has crabs
Jake: shit thats bait, hopefully when i fucked her i didn't get it.
by thebaitestscene November 01, 2010
25 24
Cumbrian terminology meaning - a packed lunch
"Are you going out for dinner"?

"No ta, brought my Bait"
by Cumbrian Blue July 08, 2014
0 0
A good looking girl / guy that you and plenty others have interest in , they don't just look good on social networks but in person as well !
Damn nigga, she da bait.

You know that nigga Bill? She got alllllll the bait
by @_BillGotti May 14, 2012
2 3