When something happens that can cause you any danger.
"I almost tripped back there, that was bait.
"The police just searched me with chron in my shoe, that was bait."

"I almost just got hit by a low flying jet, that was bait."

Tom: i just found out my mom has crabs
Jake: shit thats bait, hopefully when i fucked her i didn't get it.
by thebaitestscene November 01, 2010
Top Definition
when something is made blatantly obvious
it was so bait dat it was u who stole my phone
by drimond January 19, 2005
1. A male or female that is appealing to the opposite sex.
I gotta go to the club tonight and find the bait!!!
by Mello F October 22, 2007
A DMV term( DC, Maryland, and Virgina)

A cute boy or girl that you are interested in is ...BAIT.
aye girl Where da BAIT at??

Did you see that nigga? he was the BAIT!
by DMVQueen February 03, 2010
To be bait means that it is obvious that you are doing somthing that you shouldn't be doing. When Someone tells you to "stop being so bait" it means to be more SECRETIVE in what you are doing.
"Oi luke man stop being so bait"
by Cris1576 December 05, 2005
1)Another word for blatant
3)Get you found out(by authorities: police,teachers,security etc)
4)baited - Snitched / Got you found out
1) It's so bait he beat you in that fight
2) Boy steals from the shop - "You're lucky you didn't get caught cos you were bait!"
3) Why would you go with him, he'll bait you up
4) He just baited you up to Mr Strict, lets get him after school
by Khary M February 16, 2009
known by many people. usually in a certain area.
"You can't go out with him, hes bait, everyone will find out."

by Benniiee January 01, 2009
easily seen, recognized, or understood; open to view or knowledge; evident: an obvious advantage.
lacking in subtlety.
Obsolete . being or standing in the way.
-Yoooo PAM stap being so bait about helping disadvantaged youth in your free time
by $pense March 09, 2011
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